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--->[Pronto siguiente actualización]<---

--->[Next Update coming soon]<---


[Actualización lanzada finalmente!]

Date a puñetes en este corto juego parodia basado en Changed. (todos los personajes, y escenarios en este proyecto son propiedad de DragonSnow)

Genera múltiples combos para derrotar a tus enemigos y abrirte camino por las fases llena de obstáculos. Con solo un botón, puedes generar distintos ataques que son de gran utilidad. Tanto leves como volátiles! 

Realiza ataques potentes mientras estés en movimiento, en el aire e incluso en el suelo mismo!

Combate basado en el juego flash llamado Mario Combat, apto manda a volar a tus enemigos por los aires! >:D

Todas las músicas usadas para este proyecto están referenciadas con su Autor y fuente original en los créditos del juego.


[Update finally released!]

Get in a fistfight in this short parody game based on Changed (all characters, and stages in this project are property of DragonSnow).

Generate multiple combos to defeat your enemies and fight your way through the obstacle-filled stages. With just one button, you can generate different attacks that are very useful. Both light and volatile! 

Perform powerful attacks while on the move, in the air and even on the ground itself!

Combat based on the flash game called Mario Combat, apt to send your enemies flying through the air! >:D

All music used for this project is referenced with its Author and original source in the credits of the game.

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Platformer
Tagschanged, Fangame, Parody, Pixel Art

Install instructions

1. Descarga el archivo rar.

2. Dar clic derecho sobre el rar y presionar "Extraer aqui".

3. Busca el ejecutable (.exe) y a jugar!


ChangedBerserk_Deluxe_x64 (Windows).rar 80 MB
ChangedBerserkDeluxe (Mac).zip 91 MB
ChangedBerserk_Deluxe (Linux) 105 MB
ChangedBerserk(Windows_old).rar 38 MB

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little warning for apple gamers: game can't start up somehow on my pc it causes lag and it costs storage, however I might be an idiot who doesn't know how these thing work, it still costs 91 megabyte. the game looks like fun Ill try playing it in the future or just try learning how to not be an idiot.

i found epic easter egg, that brown-ish monster with the syringe is a monster reference to the sillent hill 3 nurse, it even has the same animation, thanks for reading this and have a blessed day

Me in this game: (Also thank you dev for creating this game. Also good luck with Puro Boss Fight)

Ok my english sucks ass


hohoii, thanks dude :D

when you make a parody fan game that's better than the original 💀


pls add english translation to the linux


it have, just move your arrows, that was a bad implementation of my part

So you say that I can beat furries without consequences?

Don't mind if I do!

just a joke


Bro, I loved this deluxe version, congrats for the greatest fan game I've ever seen, this video is the first part of my series playing your game, and I come to thank you for continuing this project.

I'm following you, and I want to play your next projects, similar to Changed or not, you are very good at what you do, and I want you to succeed.

Take care, peace out.


thank you very much friend, I like that you liked this project, and with pleasure after its next update I will make other projects putting the same effort as this ;)

And thanks btw for the gameplay!

(1 edit) (+1)

How do i change the language to english? im using windows and the only language is espanol but besides that, its a great game!


it have, just move your arrow to the left or right until english appears, the game have english and spanish

(1 edit)

Thanks!!!! it worked

This game, is such a greta parody Beat-em-Up! Styled Game i've seen today!
I really love the graphics and animations!! 

I also have A TON of ideas i could like to share!, but maybe they are too many to say here so i'll say one instead

Begin "Custom Character!", Just like Custom Music, you basically replace the in-game Character of Colin with a different character!, most likely should be very specific cases like, for waves mode! So it doesn't interrupt the cutscenes and main story mode flow!

Anyways, again, this game is, SO MUCH fun to play!, and i have A LOT of fun experimenting with the Custom music support!! Hope to see More of it soon!!

thanks my friend, yup, that character customization is still in work with another things to add.
if you want to send more suggestions you can do it in my server of discord


A perfect game for when you really hate furries

(i am a furry)

how do i open the game? i cant seem to open it with 7zip and dont know what else to use

maybe you can try winRar if u didnt try it before

thank you so much, i tired it and it worked 👍

u r welcome

It's a cool game but I wish it has the android version.  

And again, very nice game. 

will take a while, but maybe can be an android version soon



cool game

why no have Android?


Is creating mods allowed and is the game suitable for it? I wanted to know before I tried anything extensive and see if I could

I mostly want to attempt it as I've really enjoyed playing this since pre-deluxe and I want others to have even more to experience 


Well, mod support doesnt have, mostly of what kind of mods can be.

I guess that yes, but that is going to be experimental

this game is pretty good but something funny happened to me when i was at the chase thing i jump when the furry latex was about to grab me and it got bug lol

I just completed the original changed so I really want to play the game because I'm bore

te propongo que en el dia de los inocentes hagas una versión de changed berserk deluxe que los colores esten invertidos

yo uso los monstuos de látex como pelotas de futbol xd

me gustaría que fuera  posible que con las armas apuntaras usando el puntero del mouse .

Y también cuando vallas a lanzar un objeto mientras mantienes la tecla x apuntas con el mouse

I found out my pc is to crappy to start the game lo

Does it have some glitchy visuals?

it can't start games/softwares above 100MB for some reason also installing games can take up to a month so yes its really REALLY crappy

damn :/

(1 edit) (+3)

always wanted more mario combat since i first played it, but i never thought it'd be like this!

you seemed to insinuate in the gallery's dev room that you don't have very much of an idea on where you want the future updates to go, so hopefully these will help out:

- gameplay loop kinda gets boring after a while. 

my first playthrough was an absolute trip, blared punk rock and had an amazing time, but the subsequent playthroughs i had directly after weren't quite as interesting. 

i think adding some kind of combo system and a visible score on the HUD would make it a bit more fun for repeat playthroughs,

uppercutting and basically dribbling the enemies around the map is fun and all, but it's so overpowered that it's all you really need to do for a lot of the game, 

having a combo system that rewards fancier or more varied moves would make the game a lot more fun and replayable,

and having your score be visible throughout the entire game, basically letting the player know what gives them more points, and letting them know if they're doing well, 

would probably be very helpful in making shooting for high-scores feel worthwhile 

- maybe have some more enemy AI variety? 

i found it really easy to just group all the enemies in a map together and just uppercut-dribble them around any maps with low enough ceilings. 

maybe have a couple of the more special enemies, like the syringe dudes, kind of keep their distance from you a little while other enemies are attacking you so you can't do that as easily?

on the topic of enemy variety, i think having more varied attacks would be nice, 

the traffic cone dudes and the generic vanilla pudding dudes just felt practically the same, could maybe make one of the enemy types jump at you to make them be less predictable?

- i wanna play as the puro transfur that;d be awesome!!!

you could probably make it a reward for getting all the endings or reaching a certain point in the wave mode which would make either feel more worthwhile

also giving him an eye shine trail like the snow leopard chase sequence would look cool as hell

- keep adding subtitles to the game's name every time you update it so it eventually becomes something ridiculous like "Changed: Berserk Deluxe: Special Edition: Revised: The Definitive Edition: The Complete Edition: Director's Cut" lol

- a multiplayer mode would be awesome!

Funny_Approved in the comment directly below mine mentioned an emote mechanic, which would work well with multiplayer too

- keybinds!

some players either don't have working keys or just don't like using the up arrow key to jump.

i had broken/sticky arrow keys, and had to bind a lot of games to the I, J, K, and L keys for so long that it became a personal preference for me, even long after i bought a new keyboard

...just make sure you can always use the arrow keys to control things, just in case the player messes something up or in case they re-bind the jump key (so that you don't have to hit the X key to go up in a menu lol)

- controller support

i personally don't mind (and actually prefer) using my keyboard over a controller,

but a lot of people really prefer controllers, and it'd make the game a bit more accessible

- more guns!!!

having a pistol (i think a beretta m9 would make realistic sense) for a more common and less powerful  ranged weapon would be fun

desert eagle would be unrealistic, but fun,

an smg, like an mp5 or an uzi would be fun

the way colin holds the guns is kind of weird,

and the way he just one-hands them while shooting is absolutely ridiculous and awesome looking and i love it please never change that

also the full auto of the AK doesn't really feel as fun and impactful as it should,

though if you feel that a full-auto gun would be too overpowered you could just go with a larger 3-round burst instead

there's also just not enough spawn-points for them throughout the game?

there's only one at the very end, aside from the ones found randomly in lockers

- cheats system!

having infinite ammo/health/weapon health cheats would be fun unlockables and would give you more incentive to play extra modes

having a cheat that gave you more guns, or a cheat that gave you an inventory system so you could hold multiple weapons would be cool

- more modes / wave mode changes

maybe you could make a mode dedicated to platforming? seeing as the extra modes aren't really canon, they don't really have to make much sense

maybe something along the lines of smash bros' break the targets?

the platforming physics are SUPER satisfying, and they're not used quite as extensively as i think they should be

on the topic of extra modes, the wave mode's kind of boring?

i think having more variety in the areas themselves would help out a little, having more platforms, a few larger arenas, and maybe some stage hazards would be fun,

and having an outdoors area like the on the side of the building near the end of the game would be pretty cool

- the items feel kind of  same-y?

the crowbar, axe, and pipe really don't feel all that different

it's not a PROBLEM, but it's something else you could work on

- i personally find the quote-unquote "broken" english extremely charming,

and there aren't any errors that make any of the text completely incomprehensible,

but i could probably help localize it if you want???

- walljump from the original game would be fun,

i know this isn't as platforming based as the original, but the walljump would be an interesting addition to the game

- more bosses would be nice

pretty sure you already mentioned a puro fight (a more one-on-one, ),

but i think some of changed special's bosses would work well as bosses here, like the wolf king, or the big-boy-300-gallon-amalgamate bosses would be fun,

- the shark dudes / squid dog dude not having dedicated transfurs, and just continually beating the hell out of you after you die is kind of weird

- i want to pet puro

- more alternate paths?

- the endings don't really feel very impactful, or final? (aside from ending 1)

i think having a second boss fight after the squid dog would be fun, though i already mentioned boss fights before

- i wanna break more stuff!!!

i think having more boxes, furniture like desks and tables, 

and maybe having more stuff you could pick up and throw like the traffic cones would be fun, i think chairs and boxes would work nicely

...and that's all i have for right now! 

sorry if it feels like a text block, or if my personality's a bit obnoxious, or (especially) if this was hard to translate.

i don't do quite enough long-form writing like this, so it's probably a little amateur.

i haven't used itch.io's comment system before, hopefully i can edit this later to make it a bit better than it is (edit: yes i can)


Oh gosh, that was a great in-depth analysis, taking everything from the game to give an absolutely acceptable critique, no matter how long the post got, the point is that I understood exactly what you were getting at and it helps me see the specific points which gives the gameplay a generic and monotonous feel.

After thinking about it and reading the paragraphs if this game would deserve something to give it a unique and fun touch in each game, being the second game that I upload and that had a huge repercussion it would be to give it a golden brooch to make it so unique and enjoyable no matter how many times the game is replayed. Now to describe certain aspects regarding the post.

-Course of the game: I was planning on that too, or at least give more variety of attacks to the player, with the score I removed it because it made it look 'useless', after that it would be like a guy said, make it ultrakill style with bonuses and stuff, like a combo counter. I'll have to see how I could add this.

-Enemies: The truth is yes, all enemies have their predefined attack base, walk, approach, attack. I should definitely see how I could improve the AI.

-Puro Transfur: From what I understand it's like using a kind of skin, isn't it? Instead of Colin use one of the skins out there like Puro's isn't it?

-Game names: I definitely don't plan on naming the game like this, it would make it look too xd, I named it deluxe because it gave the game a bigger extension, but this would be more like the Beta version, with another update to come.

-Multiplayer: Here it would depend on two things, either Local or Global with people on the Internet, mostly I did this as a kind of parody to the original game, maybe in some future project that contains gameplay similar to this game could have a multiplayer. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to set up a multiplayer game of this style, much less support servers. The emotes I was also thinking of adding them, it would make it more fun haha.

-Key combination: I will definitely have to get to work on this, it is true that several people want their own combination of keys, either because they are not worth the keys or by personal preference. Count on it.

-Control support: for this I have no knowledge to test with game controllers, much less have one to give the tests and register the desired keys, especially for the combination of keys. so I do not think I can do it.

-More arsenal: here would enter what is balance and not to make it super powerful and is a problem with which I ran into, so the AK feels something .... wtf? With the regeneration points I should add more, and know exactly what to add.

-Cheat system: I really don't know if I should implement this, more because I don't know how to handle with console registration and cheat activation.

-More game modes: I understand you, the wave mode gets to be a bit boring, and yes, I also thought about adding that outdoor area, it would look beautiful. Regarding more modes if I will have to add, give more variety to the game. But of course, above all not to chew more than I can, I'll adjust my goals to hit them.

-Gadgets: also, all weapons have the same pattern, for this one each weapon should have its unique attack style.

-Translation: here I had to use either what I know or DeepL.com, with that to translate the game should be seen, to give something unique in each dialogue.

-Jumping on walls: at the beginning of the development of the whole game I wanted to put this mechanic, but then I said no, because it seemed unnecessary.

-Bosses and Mini bosses: I was thinking about this, more for the Wave mode. With the battle against Puro, it is already confirmed that it will be available. But what about putting them in story mode, god, this will require a good analysis.

Yes, the sharks and the squid dog don't give you a specific transfur.

With the rest of the endings I plan to extend them or give them more cinematic touches like the first ending, since it looks epic in my opinion.

-Environment destruction: while making the sprites of the battle against Puro I was thinking about that, give more vividness in environment interaction with the player, things flying, papers everywhere and objects breaking on the floor giving that touch of destruction and chaos.

And this would be my statement, this was too long, and more about how this game had a good repercussion, posts like this give me the motivation to improve every time and give a good gameplay feeling to the player. At this point it would be to modify most of the game, both for gameplay, endings, and give that "juicy" effect that is in the games. To finish this fan game that people loved. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it very much.

(1 edit)

This game is amazing but my 'z' key stopped working (like my braincells during exam)Also i think emotes (like garry's mod act dance) would be cool.

I was thinking about this problem, so, I will need to make a key binding system for this, fortunately, I have a system that works for this.

Is there English in the game?


(1 edit)

i cant find the english language

there is ñ and ñn't

donde esta easter egg a portal/half life

Quiero un port para linux debian por favor



Tengo el modulo para exportarlo a Linux, lo unico que quisiera es que cuando se ejecute lo haga correctamente y no de ningun tipo de error.


Listo, hay una version ya ahora exportada para linux, contiene una version x86 y otra de x64, espero funcione.

Deleted 25 days ago
Deleted 25 days ago

si que va lo que pasa que hay que marcarlo como "run as program" primero


Look, this is just my opinion, but its only been 3 weeks. I am not saying you shouldnt update, but dont overwork yourself.

Loving the idea of all these updates maybe you should get a discord?

well, I have, my personal account, but a server maybe could be, make an official server, to be able to notify people more easily, or things like that.

Yea it would definitely be easier and make it much more fun with wave modes and such you can compare with one another etc. Accept the fan characters much easier

I’d have both, not everyone wants to bounce from Steam to Itch.io to agog, to Twitter, to Patreon, it’s a pain.


Very reasonable!

Okay then, i have done a 'alpha' version of my official discord server, must i need to fix some things and maybe make it accesable to the people.


So glad to hear that the game is getting another update! Suggestion: if you bring a gun to the Deceived ending and choose the "no" option, there should be a secret ending where Colin shoots Puro.


Now that i think it... not sounds so bad at all, count with it ;)

a funni ending

Colin The Human 2005, Rated E10+

Okay, so me being a dumb dumb. I downloaded all of the files and zips and none of them would open the game. I personally and some others, really want this sent out on steam. could you do this for us, would make it alot easier!


i need to check how steam marketing works if i want to upload this to Steam, and even i dont know if i need some extra agree of the original creator for redistribuit for Steam.

alright, please reply to this comment or something like that, if success if succeeded?


can you upload the game to steam or somethin'



Um.. am not sure, maybe could, or make an installer for the game, for make it more easily i guess.

that would be awsome, since I have no idea, how to opperate with documents that is suppose to go somewhere to be turned into a game-

I tried starting the Mac version but it says 'you have no access to open the app changedberserkdeluxe ask your computer or networkowner for assistance' I am the owne

Agh damn, and i never know how to make the game work on Mac with erros like this, am gonna try to find any solution to this if I can.

Srry por the inconvenience. 

Could a linux port work out?

I should try it, hope that it works this time.

Please make a android port we dont have any changed fan games on mobile

Okay, just give me some time to transfer all the game done so far for a android device, mostly for make it more controllable.

Great 👍 I want to play it on mobile since my computer isn't connected to the home computer thing so I can't play the game unless you make it able on mobile wich you said your doing 

well, lets say a bit, but i will need to make the test of mobile since now, so, when the new update is done, i just need to add the extra content to the mobile version.

Alright send me a message in my account if your done 👍

i will play for 5 hours per day *joke*

I really want to play the game but.... I got a Mac lol

Hmm, alright, let me change the export type to Mac, hope that it works

Love your work. If you're updating this, please add a quick cutscene with a friendly Squid Dog that doesn't attack, when doing a pacifist playthrough - so the player knows they're doing it right! You're doing great.


Thanks mate, ill try to put more effort to this update, making it a great more extension

could you make a Mac ver?

I can i guess, i should check it out.

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