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Deleted 106 days ago

Wait wait wait buddy. Am working hard on it, soon is gonna be ready the mayor update, i promise.

so excited for the update that for a week i've been checking up every day for it xd

I dont know how to dowload :p

Just search the download button, and then when is downloaded, extract it

ok so I downloaded and I researched for days and being the idiot I am I don't  know how to extract it wow xd

as someone who thought of mario combat as one of my favorite flash games i've ever played, i really like this. i think the only thing that could be better is an english translation, even if its broken, and like a fucking gun or something.

You predicted it mate!

In the New update is ready a shotgun tottaly functional, even you can punch with it tho, and the traduction in english will come too!

holy fucking crap

turn the game into like devil may cry 5 xd

holy fuck new update soon

Yeah, i was working on it on these days, sorry if it taked some time, but is done a lot of things right now

you're fine, i found it like 3 days ago because of my brother, he scrolled and found it and this game just seemed so enticing.

hey solo queria decirles que les esta quedando bien el juego jaja me gusto mucho, Felicidades! incluso hice un video jugándolo y le puse mi musica de fondo , espero que les guste tambien xD

Hey, muchas gracias por hacer un gameplay del juego, lo aprecio mucho


no vale, gracias a ti, de verdad te esta quedando super divertido el juego :D felicidades

gracias, aprecio mucho tu comentario!

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Vengo de la página patrocinada por el creador Dragon Snow, vine a venerar aquí.

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Honestly, very fun game! It was nice playing it and liked the fact you included two difficulties given the fact I like the game going rough on me in these kind of games. Really nostalgic for me-

The only main issue I have with it so far is that Colin's lack of invincibility frames makes him sometimes get caught up in the enemies' attacks with no escape. Perhaps make him have a recovery of sorts when this ends up happening or make him take more knock back every time he's hit while stunned? I don't know if you should make him unable to be hit by the same enemy after their combo while stunned.

An addition you can make is some kind of bar for heavy attacks. Basically: You beat up enemies and your bar gets filled up. Every time you do a heavy attack, you end up wasting a bit of the bar. Would be interesting if it ignores regular attack end lag, allowing for some brutal knock back after a standard combo.

Overall, really liked this game and haven't played a Mario Combat based game in years! I'm assuming you looked up games similar to the classic flash one, but in case you haven't, try googling up Mario Combat Deluxe and Power Star Game. I'm pretty sure they're all created by the same creator of the original. Might inspire you. (or hey, if you're just a random dude reading this, check 'em out anyway lmao)

Good luck on the project, and don't rush it! It seems very promising so far.

EDIT: Literally this came to my mind after like, 10 minutes of posting this. Oh well. Basically funni red screen goes br when you are getting hit. dat's it, poof-woof

Hi, i readed it, and am glad that you liked the game, after reading your suggerence i understaned it as a "stamina bar" right?

When its full, you can perform some heavy attacks as you say, after thinked it in a really short time, is not really a bad idea, instead, is a really great one!

Or even perform some time of glory kills when is really full the bar, will take some time to make it, but at this progress i think is not gonna take me a lot. But first, am gonna finish all the game, and then work on it, and this can extend the variety of Gameplay and make it very fun.


Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions! helped me really much!

encontre un bug, si te pillan cuando estas saliendo de la zona en la siguiente zona nadie  te atacara

Huh, eso es raro, veré si ese bug persiste o ya lo habia solucionado antes, pero contal puedes especificarme que sucedio o que se hizo exactamente para que apareciera ese bug. Lo agradecería bastante, pero de momento tratare de hacer lo que dijiste para ver que sucede.

Lo unico malo bro, que con todo el respeto te lo digo <3. Bro pusiste a puro diciendo Haber, cuando era A ver. xd

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jajajaja, va, corregiré ese error gramatical en la nueva Update, gracias por decirmelo .

Y con respeto a la nueva update, pronto estara lista ;)

This game is literally just Mario combat but modded.

Original game:

I love you for making Nostalgia a reality dude.

Well, lets say a bit, I taked inspiration of his combat system, is really fun, ngl.

With respect to the "game modified", lets say that is kinda true, I modded the original mario combat game, using the characters of Changed of course, but i never released the .swf, some time later is when i decided to make this proyect.

and i want to say, that i hope that you liked this game :)

i do like the game and give you respect for returning me to my og games and i will do some type of speedrun or tas run for ya in the future.

damn as a joke i wanted to release a video called "Changed: Berserk WR" because i didnt think ANYONE would speedrun this.

JAJAJAJAJ Alfin que alguien que habla español hace un fangame en español, mi habilidad en el ingles ya se estaba terminando. Asombroso juego, la dificultad es grande pero vale la pena. Ojala no solo sea un "corto juego" pero si lo sera igual siento que quedare satisfecho.

Holo ^^ le hice un gameplay a este juego, espero te guste porque personalmente pienso que estuvo increíble, buen trabajo 💛

Muchas gracias :D


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hello after reading the devlog when you translate the game to english i could help you in translating the game to polish! as a polish person myself it woud be very easy!

if you want my help my discord is adame#003

i have time the school ended 

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Honestly,this game is cool,though I have at least 2 not bad ideas for it.

1st,could you make it possible to run through levels without attacking so we could get different dialogues,or cutscenes?Or just pacifist run?

2nd,dodging mechanic I guess?Maybe blocking,just anything to be able to do no-hit easier.

Last thing I wanna say is,is there a way to reduce Colin's cooldown on attacks where he just freezes for a moment?It makes hard to avoid beasts sometimes.Although I guess it may be needed for game to work's not that bad.

In any case,I wonder what content you have in stock!

Hey thanks for the comment, with respect of the two ideas they will be not very bad at all, with the last thing that says to reduce the cooldown of the attacks am gonna make some play test to see how much i can change the fight mechanics, and the pacifist run will make it very interesting...

El juego lo veo bueno, es posible que lo hagas para Android también?

Literal me creé una cuenta para postear esto pero hey! 

Están genial las mecánicas y al juego en sí le veo mucho potencial!

Lo jugué por primera vez en mi stream y a la gente le encantó :P

Estoy interesado en colaborar contigo si es que es de tu interés, me encantaría poder ayudar a desarrollar este juego en cualquier cosa por mas simple que sea, sea con aspectos visuales o testing pero no se como usar esta plataforma.

Espero poder ver mas de esto pronto, de verdad me encanta! <3

Man one mobile version of it should be nice

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but need some tyoe of parry system
like with percfet timeng you get 0 damage
and i want see a full game like this, with like power ups items
cloth stuff like this

hoh man i will pay it to for it
(of even help work with it)

Hey man may I talk to you about one of the songs that was made with the game

It's at the science lab first / first level



Dont worry buddy, am working on it


Thanks lad!

tiene bastante por delante este juego de lo poco de historia se ve que se puede alargar sacando provecho de los acontecimientos originales 

I think this may have been suggested before but what if there was an endless mode and you can select what stage you want to endlessly fight latexes like in the pool and every 5 waves or so there could be a boss wave that sends in a boss, which when defeated gives a bonus and at the end of a wave you get a small heal, Thats just an idea that i assume is in the works but maybe my idea is of any assistance.

Hmm, actually, an endless mode is a good idea, the only problem will be the creation of more bosses including mini-bosses

oh i forgot a thing with my idea if you get caught by anything that gets you (trying to transfur you) puro will help you but won't help you when he is in the vents (sad)

its still a fun game
(idea) so you know we get to meet puro but if we are in an chapter (like an place for an ex sample the lab) can puro be like following us like an ally and show his health bar under Colin's health bar so that if he takes damage we know he will when we look at health bar pls and in certain places he wont be with you but will help you still in a gas area or something (you dont have to add but it is a pretty cool idea

Hey that a good idea, am gonna see how I will could add that

ok and yes puro is now added but some reason he doesn't help instead he just tricks the goo`s so why not make it so he fights with you like if it was a 2 player you don't have to

Hola! Me gustó el juego. Vi a Neco the Sergal jugarlo y me gustaría ayudarte con la traducción español->inglés así más personas pueden disfrutar de este juego. Por supuesto, no quiero dinero a cambio ni ningun tipo de compensación, sólo ayudar para que los fans angloparlantes también puedan disfrutar de la experiencia de jugar un juego en su idioma. Contáctame si estas interesado :3 Saludos!


Wow gracias sinceramente, lo pensare y viendo si va a requerir una traducción en ingles, pero primero terminare lo que es la actualización base de ahí para poder añadir traducciones

Genial! Gracias por tu respuesta :D

OH MY IT HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL please keep it up!! Its really good :3

Also an idea, if you don't mind it: you can add something like "experimental sample" that turns Colin into some latex creature with a stat boost for a short period of time, like a power up but cooler

The biggest problem at the moment are stunlocks when more than one enemy is attacking you, would be nice to make Colin immune for stun after first hit to give player chance to escape, also, obviously, english translation would be nice to have

Woah thanks for the comment, and I will think if I add this function and how to get it.

And the traducction to English is coming with the new update coming soon

i wonder if its its demo or not

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its epic and also i am for hire on steam for ideas or testing and i would do (???) thing but i think is coding and i don't know to code but i do know how to type in english but it cool game

Thanks, i am glad that you liked it

God, It's been so long since I've heard about Mario Combat. I'm super excited to see how this turns out!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the game :D

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hola mi compa @neco the sergal necesita la actualización de traducción de favor 

Working on it

Does this game have a English Port?

Am working on it, including a new update of the game

english pls gore pls

Ok, so am gonna think to add an option to add more gore 

thank you!

Gave it a Let's Play, hope you get good support with a translator and especially add controller support if there isn't already and of course ;o More transfurs. Good job, dev! 


Oh god... This cant be... 

Gosh is hard to believe this

Am gonna say, thank you very much, i cant believe that NekoTheSergal Actually played this!

¿habrá una versión en inglés?

Short but fun game loved it!

Thank you! Im glad you liked it  :D


you can speak english but eh idc

it cool

Cara esse jogo está MUITO BOM e tem MUITO POTENCIAL! Continue esse projeto que com certeza vai ser ÓTIMO, estou simplesmente amando!!

Eu fiz uma gameplay caso queira ver: 

Ei! ¡Muchas gracias por jugar a mi proyecto! francamente gracias por el video gameplay que hiciste me encanto! Atualmente me encontro trabalhando em várias atualizações para o jogo, para asi tratar o melhoramento em vários aspectos. OH SIM!

Hello SGymer, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Subscribe to the channel to help.

Gameplay Link:

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Olá! Ainda bem que gostaram deste projecto.

Sinceramente, é uma honra para mim que tenhais feito uma jogabilidade do jogo, obrigado! :D

obrigado pelo feedback no final do vídeo, tê-los-ei em conta para o corrigir o mais rapidamente possível.

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