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jejejejeje, Colin berserker

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He flipped the last page/Pasó la última página

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Changed Beserk Deluxe New Character Leak

Sans Side-Smash

XD epik

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POV: Mi tecla 'INTRO' viendo como reviento la tecla 'Z'

lol, he's all "Don't touch me bro!"


Coming soon


This game wasn't that bad I love the gameplay like doing the Mario combat moves to playing a strategy game, but sure it did take a long time for the creator, but he did good on his game

when ost released i really like dog squid music


here is the music that i used for the battle.

where full ost


cool game 


cum monster

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Last update should add (mobile play) bc I was able to get file so if you want to add mobile you can either make it a play store app or make it a file (arrows icon = move and icon with first = punch foot icon = jump) rip can't open folder sad

oCorrida legal da União Europeia




I really like the game and god damn the art is amazing! I was wondering if you have a twitter or maybe an instagram that you post your art at, I'd love to follow and see more art like that, it's honestly pretty pleasant to see it




sad there is not a parry sistem or a score like ultrakill or a RAGE wen you get max combo give 2x damage

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Found another oversight: I threw my yellow boyo with a throw grab and the game didn't kill him.


I think I found the real alpha around these parts...

There's also this weird cam bug I found. I got grabbed by a black latex and I broke free, and I ended up trying to grab the Shotgun but then I got into the puddle. Not sure what really caused it but I guess that sort of helps? Not really but that's the best cause I can give.(Full Screen for proof)


Public opinion on this game: "DIE PURO!" /  Opinión pública sobre este juego: "¡DIE PURO!"

apoco si no se necesita un final donde le arrancamos la cabeza a puro?

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Necesitamos decapitar puro!!!

hay que mandar a puro a B R A S I L

You can't kill him (well not in the canon anyway). I think him winning in the end, is karma for the player acting like a jerk towards him.



JK I kinda agree with this. It would at least be cool if the option "No" at least shared some cool visuals like the "Yes" one.

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perhaps an unwinnable final fight that tests how long the player can last? Or challenge mode?


Sounds good, like a wave mode but only with bosses?

Hm... Would be interesting. Maybe if you DID somehow manage to get past the whole thing you'd end up getting a secret ending where Puro's like "Ah, what the hell, I'll just use a gun." If we're going the unfair route, that is.

Personally I kinda want a ending where we end up at least beating Puro in some shape or form, but I understand that other people miiiight want the player to be held responsible for being a jerk. I guess it depends on how you want your player base to feel like. We can go being a certified bad guy or a certified dead man.

Yeah, and before launching the last update i thinked about make the fight with Puro, but well, i didnt did it, but now is time to do it, and improve some parts of the game making it more good, and the next update will contain maybe more features, but definetively will have the puro last fight, wich am doing it right now, will take some time, but will be worth. And maybe add some endings more, and figure it out wich ones, and how to obtain them, but from now I will foccus on the fight with Puro.

a very hard boss battle maybe, where he is pretty much a Evade/dodge master

uff como que quiero viciar pero siento que le falta un 5to final en donde matamos a Puro

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Este juego es realmente es hermoso, divertido y muy entretenido aunque muy dificil aunque eso es la mejor parte, disfrute cada segundo de la actualización. Si es que ya no se actualizara mas yo seguiré apoyando tu trabajo y esperare con ansias tus proximos titulos! Algo que me gustaria es una especie de "seleccionador de niveles" que desbloquees luego de terminar el juego al 100% o algo asi, es algo tedioso tener que completar todos los niveles denuevo si quieres repetir algo.


Muchas gracias amigo, y después de pensarlo posiblemente haga una expansión mas para el juego, incluyendo también tu idea, ya que si puedo entender que sea algo tedioso repetir todo de 0 para obtener algo diferente.


Sinceramente, no tenía este problema, pero podría hacerlo después de un tiempo. Esta es una muy buena sugerencia! Deberías hacerlo para que también puedas reproducir fácilmente a los jefes. Lo siento si esta respuesta se vio mal, estoy usando un traductor.

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I don't see this as needing an update, but if you do make an update, one where you fight puro as the final boss would be fun, and then it gives a few more endings, where you get to decide to kill puro or not.

maybe im just bad who knows

squiddog boss is way to hars even on easy mode

I believe the credit to the Squid Dog boss music is incorrect

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Pretty fun! Even if you don't plan adding more to this, you did a great job so far.

(updated com) amazing game, theres one annoying thing. If you get hurt, you are getting stunned, it sucks, like tons furrys attacking and stunning you to death, and you cant just escape it. I also want to know if i can change keybinds in next update or something

is there a app for this except a winrar file 

No, sorry dude. Mostly because the game needs access to an especial folder in the game root for the personalization of music, that's why the game doesn't have an executable version. I tested it without the folder, but makes inestable the game at certain points.

this game is great

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Just found a genius idea from one of the comments on Neco The Sergal's videos on this game, it says:

"In the Deceived ending, I'd say when you reject Puro's offer and he tries to transfur Colin, Colin should've thrown him through the window."


how to change arrow keys to wsda

The game doesn't have a personalization of keybinds for this time, sorry

is there way to change it in game files

No, sorry, the keybinds are programmed exactly as it was. Maybe am gonna add a control customization for the next update.

Will it ever release for android

I was thinking about it, but I will need to think about it and transfer all the game to a mobile version, so it will take a while, mostly to make it easy to control.

Is there gonna be a boss fight at the end of the decieved ending? as i hate a ton not being able to kill support characters when they betray me and lie to me

After thinked about it, ill try to make that fight, making it so intense for the expansion to the original game.

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Any way you could give a (spoiler free) guide to all the endings?

Well, I'll try to give some help while being not spoiling that much;
You wanna play around with the game and think of everything you can do. Basically, look at your environment and what the game gives you. Something as simple as absolutely obliterating a room or the exact opposite might just give you an ending.

Alright lemme rephrase that: the requirements to get the endings without telling me what the ending is

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Oh, okay, sure (also sorry for this late ass reply):
Don't kill anything
Kill and destroy everything (you can just destroy cameras)
Be unfriendly to Puro
Kill Latex but not exactly all of them (I'll spoil this, Neutral, trust me it's not that cool of an ending)

An absolute blast to play though, It was really fun and you did an absolutely amazing job on this project!

Spotted a strange crashing-bug, unsure if it works in other places but while the credits are rolling, clicking the mouse on the screen 5-10 times causes the game to just crash.

Huh, thats weird, ill check for whats the problem.


i finally got it to work by  changing it to a file  yay

how do i get the english version
when i click to view more languages espanol is the only option ;-;

Oh, you might wanna press the left arrow. Left arrow toggles English, right toggles Spanish. i have no idea why it works that way, probably easier to put in??

this was really worth the wait, something i will definitely play again in the future.

could it be a app file because .rar doesn't work on my pc ):

turi ip ip ip

do you have winrar?


Super Mario Kombat pero epico

en efecto

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Deleted post

Giving it my Let's Play and here's Part 1, make it all the way to the Squid Boss, definitely a well made boss, (though very easy) 

This game is great. You really don't have to beat yourself up about "taking too long". 100 days for a project like this is pretty impressive.

Thanks my dude



This is just what I think of the game, so if you're reading this out of boredom, I'd suggest you play through the game first.

This was honestly more than I was expecting for this short amount of time! I'll be focusing on the main game, as waves are self explanatory. 

I really like the grab and how it can actually change up the gameplay a bit on it's own now, and the melee weapons are meh. They don't do a lot more damage compared to your fists, but on the bright side, I love the additional air attack just because it at least switches up the air attack game. They also look cool, so hey, who cares? Throwing is powerful though; Aiming it to severely damage three crowded enemies at once is a change of pace of just spamming Z.
The changes here I'd like the most is the controls. I'm not saying that you should allow custom key binds (even though that might not be a bad idea), but rather that you should make it so that X sometimes don't make you for example pick up a weapon instead of grabbing a furry. This has happened to me probably once in the main mode, and fortunately the consequences weren't that bad. Waves however... Because it ends up spawning from a dead enemy, I end up grabbing a weapon and losing half of my HP. I think you should switch the pick up option to C. I've also thrown the shotgun away on accident because I thought X was the shoot button. I think it might be best if you switched X and C, but this might not be such a great idea if the pick up option wasn't changed to C because people would probably be used to X being the throw. I might just be sick in the head for my brain to go "hehe throw bullet" 

As for the new interactions and endings: they're excellent! It makes it so that what you do in the game actually has some kind of weight in the end and the way that this is done is very clever. I did not expect Colin to literally dunk on Puro in the second cutscene. As somebody who appreciates games who can make the protagonist more evil because of your actions, it gives me a smile. Sure, call it sadistic, but it's so much cooler to see yourself be the bad guy in a story that's meant to originally picture you as the good one.
The only mediocre ending is 2/4 Neutral, but I understand why this ending even exists. Whoever got that ending must be pretty boring... For me, my first ending was 1/4 Deceived. 

The endings are pretty good, but can improved in my opinion. I'll go from 4-1.

4/4 Destruction The fourth ending is probably the best ending for all of the characters. This ending actually shows Dr. K because of the cameras are broken so he actually has to you know, go outside and touch some grass come to the room. I think this might be an excellent ending for players to get first, as I probably would had gotten it because I didn't really care about how many things I was destroying. It definitely shows the fact that the game very much acknowledges your actions. As for the reason why this is a pretty good ending is because it, as I said before, actually shows Dr. K. I think the fact that he isn't included in the rest of them and is only shown by a single text box in Deceived is... A bit lacking. 

3/4 Pacifist Pacifist! I've seen that you liked this suggestion by Davy. It's definitely nice, and I like that it actually makes it pretty damn obvious that if you're trying this ending that it's probably not your first run, so it just makes the run much faster, alongside the fact that you skipped every level. I honestly think if you made it so the enemies at least looked you while standing still or were relaxing in some kind of way could had been cool, and I felt like Squid Dog being completely gone was a missed opportunity. I expected to either fight him or for the latex to rebel against him, even possibly for there to be a fake out, to make it look like Squid Dog was about to begin the boss fight, but then just literally rested his body on the ground or something.

2/4 Neutral This ending is mediocre. Not gonna sugar coat it in this post... If you got it, you're probably a coward who didn't fight the furries and missed the point of the game. I understand the inclusion of this; you didn't go down a specific path, there you go, neutral. I don't really have to say anything about this one as it's pretty much a filler ending that I myself don't have any ideas for. Oh well.

1/4 Deceived This ending is the second most game changing asides from pacifist and I really like it. Reminds me of other games that had this kind of thing. It has stunning visuals compared to the other endings and was actually really pretty to look at, alongside the room before that. I really have to applaud this game for that. When you do decide to pick yes, it really just follows up with the look of everything.
I picked no on my first run and I was pretty disappointed that Colin didn't at least fight back in the form of a cutscene at least, as I was expecting there to be a boss fight or something. I can't blame you guys though- This game already has a bunch of content and it's completely understandable if you guys didn't bother adding every possible little thing. The only real issue I have is that after I picked no, I wanted to restart where I was and select yes. However, this ended up in me having to replay the whole game just to pick that option. Gladly, I had fun playing this game so it wasn't that much of an issue, but I feel like many people would had gotten irritated. 

I don't know how to feel about Puro and Colin (and sometimes Dr. K) going into that room, though... It felt off. We don't know what exactly happens there and I honestly expect there to be some kind of secret ending because of that even though it doesn't probably exist. It left me off with a mysterious ending if I didn't get 1/4 Deceived. Is Colin outside? Does it end up going to the original Changed endings? Is Colin still transfurred or attacked? I'm not sure how to feel about this. On one end, it could be intentional so you could can come up with your own conclusion. But for the latter, it might had been just something mid-production that wasn't thought about. 

This is what I think of the endings and mechanics, but I have encountered some bugs. Most of them are visual however. I don't know the reasons behind some of these.

Sometimes, in the library room with the breakable boxes, the items will fall down, and for some reason even the health. You can kick the items around and everything. I'm assuming this is Unity being dumb. I think it happened the most when I did a pacifist run. Note that I had full HP during this, but I don't think that's the main reason why this happens, as you can push the Axe, Crowbar and Shotgun.

(Another room with the same bug occurring.)

In the room before any ending you get, your item doesn't get removed. This is an issue because the items don't get effected by the atmosphere, leaving you with a unchanged color scheme.

Here's a more of a smaller bug, however it's not that noteworthy. When you have an item, because you need to press X in order to read, it ends up making you start throwing. The weird thing is that the bar stops and you're left at 1% percent. You can fix this bug by pressing CTRL which drops it. It also sometimes make you do the throwing sprite instead of reading which happened on my first playthrough.

I couldn't recreate it cancelling the reading sprite.

This is a bug that I have no idea how happened. It happens when you throw an weapon, usually at a locker from what I can tell, and it doesn't despawn! This makes it so that any enemy that comes near it gets damaged. You can push it around like the previous bug with the health dropping. Sadly, I don't have a recording device so this is the best screenshot I could give. It don't show much... I couldn't recreate it to get a better grasp of what this is. Hopefully somebody will find out what this is about, as it has the possibility of being game breaking for waves.

Some of the things I could talk about are the enemies, waves not having something special in them (from what I can tell, I've only gotten to wave 17 and I think from the amount of enemies that there's not a mini-boss), but in my opinion it doesn't really matter. Content is content, and you sure as hell delivered in both quality and quantity! Doesn't matter that you didn't do everything, after all, this is a fan game of Changed and a love letter to Mario Combat. The only thing I'm sad about is that there weren't any dragon enemies. The crystal transfur looked so cool compared to the other ones and it made me sad that there weren't any flying enemies. They do have a lot of charm though; I appreciate that the dev team (if I should call it that? I dunno if I should just say Teff/Sgymer as you did pretty much everything) went out of their way to create fusions.

Finally, to finish this long post of a look at the game, I didn't not expect to get into credits- It makes it look like this post only exists because of that, but oh well. I'd guarantee you I would had made it anyway. But I have to say;
A Special Thanks to you! I really enjoyed this game and it was pretty much the combination of my nostalgia and fun of playing past Newgrounds games, alongside my new interest in Changed, whose characters I loved. This is literally a direct upgrade for me for Mario Combat with everything that's included, and it just makes the game so good!

I literally just created an account on this website just to give feedback for the game.

Rock on! I can't wait to see what other games you have in store if this is just a fan game. I might not play most of them given the fact I don't know Spanish, but oh well. I hope my English wasn't too confusing-

Best fan game I've seen since Midnight Mercenaries and Suicide Mouse Relapse.

I would had included pictures, but it seems to give me a url crash or something. Oh well.

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If you see this, it probably worked!

how did you shoot the shotgun, i just beat everything to death with it

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You press C to shoot it. The bullets/ammunition are in the right down corner, where you can also, well, see the controls for shooting. It says " [C] TO USE " but that's pretty much the same thing.


Hey, thank you very much for your comment and opinion, I like that you liked this new update, and I'm sorry for the inconveniences that happened during the gameplay or for the lack of certain details to things like endings or the wave mode.

I could fix it and add more variety to certain things, or even fix those visual problems, I really didn't expect that they started to happen, but maybe it happened because I didn't give more in-depth playtesting, sorry for the inconveniences. I could work for another update but for this point I don't know if I should do it, although I should add some auto-update system to avoid downloading the game again and again.

This time it was my mistake.

The Pacifist one irked me a little, and that's because there's no cutscene or interaction with Squid Dog. 

Maybe have him give the player a thumbs up? Or show him the way out? Or stop the monsters attacking? Make a hand heart gesture? Just to let the player know the giant approves of their no-violence run, rather than it briefly "glitching out" to the next area. 

When it first happened, I thought the game was bugged and accidentally skipped a boss fight.

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