Mas extension? (More extension?)


Hey, hola a todos!

Ah pasado poco desde que se lanzo la ultima actualización, y por lo que veo tuvo una gran recepción, estoy sorprendido, hasta incluso vi un edit que me encanto! esta bello.

Y después de pensarlo y leer sus comentarios en la pagina de itch (muchas gracias chicos, aprecio mucho sus palabras), que tal si hago una pequeña expansión mas para el juego, añadiendo lo que estuve leyendo, como una pelea contra puro en el final "Engañado", dando una pelea intensa, poco mas de cosas para el modo oleada, como algunos mini-jefes, o añadir unos 2 que 4 enemigos mas? O inclusive mas ataques para el jugador.

O inclusive mejorar algo con los ataques de objetos, o dar algún tipo mas de viveza al querer hacer algún final en específico.

Que les parece? Y incluyendo de paso que mientras pensaba que proyecto hacer después de esto creo saber cual, pero a lo mejor de algunos detalles mas tarde. Con lo primero sobre expandir poco mas el juego, no seria una mal idea después de todo.

Y también lo que estuve pensando era si hacer algún  espacio abierto para añadir algunos enemigos mas? Tendré que ponerme manos a la obra y planear exactamente que añadir al juego solo espero que esta sea una buena expansión. 


Hey, hello everyone!

It's been a little while since the last update was released, and from what I see it had a great reception, I'm surprised, I even saw an edit that I loved! it's beautiful.

And after thinking about it and reading your comments on the itch page (thanks guys, I really appreciate your words), how about if I make one more small expansion for the game, adding what I've been reading, like a fight against pure in the "Deceived" ending, giving an intense fight, a little more stuff for the wave mode, like some mini-bosses, or add 2 or 4 more enemies? Or even more attacks for the player.

Or even improve something with the item attacks, or give some kind of more liveliness when you want to do a specific ending.

What do you think? And including by the way that while I was thinking what project to do after this I think I know which one, but maybe I'll give some details later. With the first thing about expanding the game a little more, it wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

And also what I was thinking about was to make some open space to add some more enemies? I'll have to get to work and plan exactly what to add to the game, I just hope this is a good expansion. 

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s l a p .

adding to this, could you possibly add invinicible frames? getting stun locked is really easy and you can basically get one hit in wave mode if enough of them are on you.

like a way to protect yourself from the attacks right?

Pretty much. I'd imagine the more damage you take that the invic frames would kick in faster when you hit the ground or such.

well then, later i will see how to improve better the wave mode.

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The game is fantastic. If you wanted to do a boss fight with Puro, that's cool. One recommendation I would make to the existing version as is, is the Pacifist run should have a quick cutscene with Squid Dog. 

Maybe have the giant make a hand heart gesture? To let the player know he approves of their no-violence run, rather than it briefly "glitching out" to the next area. When it first happened, I thought the game was bugged and accidentally skipped a boss fight.


Could it be, making the new update like the definitive or something like that, like as i said before in a post on Devlog, make more lifely the ambience while is making a route, to make the game a little bit better, but now, the thing for now is make the final fight with puro making it more intense.

I also remembered! Puro says in his 2nd cutscene, Colin is “killing us”, so the wording should reflect the Pacifist run, to “afraid of us” or something.


Oh yeah, thats true, then i will need to change some of the dialogs on every ending.

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Jajajaja! Me alegro muchísimo con esta noticia.
Tus ideas me parecen muy geniales para añadir, Tu idea sobre una pelea contra Puro me parece muy prometedora y en especial en ese final y si con viveza te refieres a mas interacción con los personajes o mejor diseño de mapa es interesante. Alguna otra persecución como la de la bola de pelos de la biblioteca o el león serian buenos mini-bosses.Pelea contra la dragona del nivel de los monstros de látex negro podrían ser buena idea como boss. En ese espacio para añadir mas enemigos podrían entrar los dragones o sombras gato.
Me gustaría que agregaran algunos easter eggs como la del gato en el balcón, alguna pelea con armas contra el Dr.K (spoilers)ya que en uno de sus niveles en la versión Special presenta un francotirador.  Agregar un seleccionador de niveles estaría genial también al igual que uno donde puedas ver que finales desbloqueaste. Y que tal un final secreto? Como en el Changed original.
Me gustaría saber si hay algún Patreon de Sygamer o Teff, me encantaría apoyarlo.

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I wasn't expecting much asides from fixing bugs, so I have to say, you've surprised me again with the amount of effort and quality this game's getting-

Personally I have lots of thoughts about this that I think it's best that I don't do any more suggestions as I've already said some basic stuff I think should be changed (such as controls) as other people probably will give you some. i'm totally fucking hyped tho

Just like before, good luck on this!

Also, as of editing this 2 hours later, I believe I found why the past health bug happened. When you break one of the boxes in the library, health drops. When you push it over to  the other items, it makes them fall, hince the bug.